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The Terrible Meek
A Question Of Ethics

The Terrible Meek, lensed under the BBTFilms shingle, was adapted and directed by Bill Humphreys from the century old one-act play by Charles Rann Kennedy of the same name. Brad Branch serves as co-producer, the Associate Producer is Tyler Heon, Tom Meegan is Director of Photography and Brian Chick served as photographer for the project. Humphreys, Branch and Eliot Daro serve as Executive Producers. The Terrible Meek is a story about the conflict of ideals, the development of human values and the triumph of spiritual integrity. The story centers on three primary characters, a military Captain charged with the fulfillment of an execution, a command given him by a higher rank - the Soldier who carries out his order, and a Woman - the mother of the executed. Throughout the storyline, the Captain struggles with his obligation to military duty as he questions the moral responsibility of taking human life. As the Captain undertakes a journey of self-discovery, the Soldier contemplates his role in society and the Woman relates the pain and anguish of watching her son die at the hands of war.

The final piece will be a one-hour program comprised of the 40-minute dramatic film followed by a humanistic discussion of it's content as the three actors discuss the meaning of the film and its relevance in today's society. The program will also contain biographical information on Charles Rann Kennedy taken from interviews with members of his family. Kennedy dedicated the script to world peace and writes as a preface to the play: "It takes a newer courage . . . more like a mother's . . . it changes everything".

The Terrible Meek stars Bill Humphreys as the Captain; Don LaBranche as the Soldier and Kathy Somssich as the Woman. The cast also includes – Karen Abrami Fitzgerald; Brad Branch; Indira Sivaprasad; Sandi Seals Clark; Gary Ng; Bill Butler and Rob Scullin.